How to recover data from a Google drive?

Google Drive is a cloud based file storage service developed by Google. The service was launched by Google on April 24, 2012.  Google Drive can be directly called an online file storage service, where we can upload the necessary files such as “images”, “videos”, “documents”, “apps” or any digital file and store it there.You can re-download those uploaded files through Google Drive app or website on any computer or mobile at any time by storing or keeping online files in Google Drive.

File backup is a very simple way to backup files in Google Drive. And, with it, the rules of re-downloading images or other files uploaded from Drive are much easier.You will need a computer, laptop or smartphone for both file backup (upload) and download (download) process in Google drive. And, with that, your device will need the internet.

Google Drive is a service from Google and so you need a Google account or Gmail account to use Google Drive. There are 2 ways to use Google Drive. Such as :1. Uses Google drive website.

  1. Uses Google Drive app.The rules for using Google Drive using apps are much simpler and better.  Windows, Android, iOS OS for all apps.

Those who use Google Drive are well aware of its benefits and advantages. As such, it is used more on any smartphone and the benefits of Google Drive on mobile are the most. Some of its advantages are mentioned;

  • Images or files you have uploaded to Drive can be re-downloaded using any smartphone or computer and Google Drive website.
  • Free storage space up to 15 GB will be provided.  15 GB, much more for holding pictures and files.
  • Google Drive’s app is available for free on any device, such as mobile, computer or laptop.
  • Here you can create different types of presentation file, document files, excel sheet files etc.
  • You can create folders on your drive’s dashboard and you can upload files or pictures inside the folder.
  • This allows you to save a lot of storage space on your smartphone for storing files in Google’s online database. Etc 


Google Drive helps Google users to restore or ‘restore’ deleted photos, files or data. Here is how to data recovery from Google Drive;

1.First, open Google Drive on your device. Then go to the ‘Trash’ folder. 

  1. Go to the Trash ‘folder and you will see all the deleted files or data in Google Drive.
  2. To restore deleted files, first right click on the file you want to restore.

4.This will bring up a menu with two options – ‘Restore’ and ‘Delete forever’.

5.However, mobile users will find the ‘Restore’ button when they click on the three-dot button on the right side of the file.

6.After selecting the ‘Restore’ option, the deleted file will reach the previous place.

By the way, all the users who use Google Drive can take the help of Drive Specialist to recover any file if required. Users can contact the company by calling or through the help desk chat.However, one thing to keep in mind is that-

  • Up to 30 days after deleting a file, it can be restored to its previous position.  However, after 30 days, the old file can not be brought back.
  • You can permanently delete deleted files to empty the ‘Trash’ folder on the drive.

Finally we can say that Google Drive helps us to save data as well as recover lost data.All android mobiles have this Google drive app.  So, start using this great service now and save your storage space as well as backup data safely.